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What is the “Acne Program”

Includes a series of 6-8 treatments weekly or bi-weekly. Depending on the severity of the acne/ blackheads.

Along with home care prescriptive. The risk of acne returning is minimal and we achieve long-term results.

Hydradermaze Treatment

The DMK Hydradermaze treatment prepares the way for acne-free skin and blackhead removal.

What to expect

Cleansing the skin with a solution that draws up all congestion and impurities to the surface. Allowing the extraction process to be pain free and safe to remove all blockages.
Enzyme mask is applied to kick start the skins’ natural process and to remove all toxins in the skin including blackheads.

The acne program process

Part 1: Consultation

Here we diagnose the grade of acne and explain ‘the acne wave’.

Part 2: Home Presciptives

Daily home maintenance is crucial. Your regimen is customized to your skin reactivity. 

Part 3: Treatment Series

Treatment protocol is adjusted to your acne degree. Series of 6-8 treatments (sometimes 12) is needed weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the severity.

Causes of Acne

Have you tried everything and still cannot clear the skin? Chances are that one or more factors could be delaying your process.

Genes, Stress, Hormones, Menstrual cycle, pressure/friction, picking, the hair shaft, lipid abnormalities, humidity/climate, industrial chemicals, diet, drugs, and cosmetics.

During consultation, we will identify the causes of acne.

Read Dr.Danne Matague King’s article on curing acne. HERE

Case study of Acne

“I would recommend DMK to anyone who suffers from acne; it will change you and your life, that’s a fact.” 

Read William Rickard case study HERE


Deep Clean facial helps  to decongest blackheads and pimples without disrupting the skins’ barrier and allows deep absorptions or suitable solution chosen by your esthetician



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